Why Advertise with Client Direct Media?

The 8 Top Reasons Why Indoor Digital Marketing is Effective

Targeted Demographics

Because Indoor Digital Advertising displays can be placed in almost any location, businesses can choose specific locations that maximize ad dollars on specifically targeted demographics. Indoor Digital Advertising allows a business to put their ads in front of real potential clients.

Reaches the Right Geographic Area

In order to gain market share in a specific geographic location, businesses must be creative and find successful ways to target specific area’s. Indoor Digital Advertising is the answer. It allows a business to advertise in specific locations where they are attempting to gain market share, and place directly targeted advertisements.

Increased Dwell Rate, Captive Audience

Indoor digital advertising screens are located in venues where the audience can be measured. The audience is measures by using “Dwell Time”. Dwell time is the measure of how long someone remains in a specific location. By identifying the Dwell Time of your target audience, an advertiser can determine the number of brand impressions they are able to deliver to that captive audience, thereby generating a metric that can be used to determine advertising reach.

Builds Brand Awareness Cost Effective With Total Flexibility

To create brand awareness, your ads must consistently be seen and the proper message delivered. Indoor Digital Advertising create’s brand awareness by putting your message in front of the right people. Most importantly since Indoor Digital Advertising cannot be turned off or “avoided”, it is a powerful tool for building brand awareness.

Fast Updates Total Flexibility

Since you can display many messages on the same display, and easily change those messages to ensure content is always up to date. With Indoor Digital Advertising, copy changes that used to require time and money can now be done faster and less expensive than ever before!


It is always a hard decision on where to invest your advertising dollars.   When identifying media products you have to look at Return on Investment (ROI). Due to its low price, only pennies per spot.  Digital advertising is an economical choice for any company. With advertising packages starting under $100 per month and a cost per thousand less than most other media products, an indoor advertising campaign could help your company to reach its goals.

Make Sure Your Message is Seen

Reaching a large number of potential customers is important in a campaign, but so is reaching the right consumers. By placing a businesses message in laundromats, car washes and other local business where the customer will see your ad multiple times a visit.  You will be reaching from 100-500 people per day per location (average location is 200 people a day). Digital media offers a unique opportunity to reach a specific  demographic with a campaign.  Reach the right people at the right place at the right time.


By marketing your business with Indoor Digital Marketing and taking advantage of the ability to target your desired geographic areas companies can create custom ad campaigns that fit your budget.  By selecting the right campaigns and doing a custom roll out to targeted customers,  advertisers are able to reduce spending waste and increase ROI.