Advertise Your Business


What sets Client Direct Media apart from the rest?

  • Maximum of 30 ads per location = Less clutter, greater recall
  • Ads are 15 seconds and the cycle is every 15 Minutes = Maximizes impressions
  • Each category has exclusivity guaranteed = No competing advertisers
  • Fully-visible monitors in every location = Viewable by 100% of customers

Our locations have patrons waiting from 15 to 90 minutes at a time.  We want to be sure your ad will be seen by all of them.  Each loop is 15 minutes to ensure that your ad will be displayed and viewed.

For just pennies per ad, you gain instant access to potential clients in specific geographical locations.


We Can Help You Create the Perfect Hat Trick!

Digital Marketing + Social Media + Direct Mail

Digital Marketing + Social Media + Direct Mail = Maximum Exposure

Client Direct Media runs monthly giveaways in the locations that we have indoor billboards.  We can create a custom marketing and social media plans to help increase your local area presence (additional charges apply).